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May 2015 CCP Training, Cleveland, OH

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In May, 2015, new CCP Facilitators offered their first three-day, basic training in active nonviolence to 25 members of the Cleveland community.

They worked hard to prepare themselves to give back to their city! They had attended two previous CCP basic trainings, then a 4-day Training for Trainers.  They had studied the CCP Facilitator’s Manual, practiced their presentations, recruited participants from community groups and created newsprints and other materials.

There is a need for more people who can respond to violence and injustice using the inner and outer power of active nonviolence to make change. CCP Cleveland is helping meet the need. For more information and to contact CCP Cleveland: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Like a stone creating ripples in a pond…

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CCP Training in PA...or how we spread CCP nonviolence training across our Episcopal Diocese

The Episcopal Diocese of Bethlehem, PA has been blessed to work directly with Janet Chisholm, the designer of Creating a Culture of Peace, to offer nonviolence trainings in our diocese.  She was based locally for four years at Kirkridge Retreat Center, coordinating Peace & Justice Programs, following her time at Fellowship of Reconciliation and as Episcopal Peace Fellowship (EPF) national chairperson.  During her stay in our diocese, Janet also became a member, and later chair, of the Diocesan Peace Commission. She inspired several commission members to take Creating a Culture of Peace basic nonviolence training and also the facilitator training, so that they could offer CCP training throughout the diocese.  In the past five years, CCP has offered seven 3-day basic trainings and five 4-day trainings of trainers for us. These efforts have included several that were diocesan-sponsored or for which there were diocesan scholarships. They occurred first at Kirkridge Retreat Center, then later and today in congregations in both the southern and northern parts of the diocese as lower-cost commuter trainings.


"Take this training!"

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Be warned.  After three days of nonviolence training in Minneapolis conducted by facilitators provided by Creating a Culture of Peace, I slept for twenty-four hours straight.  It was worth every moment. 

Take this training and take it seriously!  As German Field Marshall Erwin Rommel, the “Desert Fox” of WW II fame said, “The best form of welfare for the troops is first class training.”  Do not doubt that nonviolence is properly conducted in deadly earnest and requires preparation.


Veterans for Peace Trial Postponed

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Trial postponed! The defendants for the March 19, 2011 Veterans for Peace action at the White House were ready to go on trial 8:00 am Monday, Sept 29. With the hurricane promising to tie up transportation on the east coast and threatening DC the defendants were concerned about how to get to the trial on Monday and to the practice trial on Sunday. But late Friday (4:30 pm, now that is last minute!) the prosecution filed a motion for continuance, asking that the trial be put off since they were not ready to go to trial. Judge Canan granted the motion. By this time some of the defendants were already in transit to DC.

This is all part of the meat grinder we call a legal system. It is sort of like the old hurry up and wait we know so well as vets, except worse. For the 19 defendants it was frustrating, after preparing the opening statements, the testimony, and the closing arguments and being prepared for trial it is maddening to have to go back to trying to schedule a new trial date. On the other hand it does seem hopeful that the prosecution must be having some problems developing an effective argument against our motions or they would have been ready for trial.



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Attend an Upcoming Training! To find recent or upcoming CCP events, view our Calendar.  You will find information about short workshops (WS); short direct action (DA) trainings; 20-hour basic trainings (BT); and 28-hour facilitator trainings (FT) for those who have already taken the basic training.  To see where we have offered trainings in past years, view our Google map of past training locations.

Host a Training in Your Community! You can bring CCP facilitators to your own community, organization, or congregation and host a CCP basic training. To find out how to get started, download the CCP Brochure (pdf) and Host-Organizer Guide. If you're interested in hosting, please contact

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