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Janet Chisolm Retires as Executive Director of CCP

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Janet ChisholmIt is with a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation that we announce the retirement of our founding Executive Director, Janet Chisholm, on May 31, 2012.

More than 12 years ago, Janet envisioned the possibilities that would emerge from a national nonviolence training organization. She created the curriculum that is at the heart of our work, thus giving birth to this organization that is becoming a national movement. We would, simply, not be here without her leadership, her vision and her dedication.


Janet Chisholm: Radio Interview

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Former CCP executive director Janet Chisholm was featured in a radio interview by Len Ellis, peace activist and director of the Dallas Peace Center, in the series "Peace begins with ME."  The 30-minute interview, which aired on March 9, 2012, is available for streaming via the following link:


CCP Board Member Arrested at Hancock Air Base

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Elliott Adams--by CCP board member Elliott Adams, who was arrested on October 25, 2012 at Hancock Air Base along with 17 other nonviolent activists who were drawing attention to reaper drone war crimes.
The US government is attempting to silence people who call attention to the war crimes of drones by serving "orders of protection," a legal order intended to protect vulnerable victims of domestic violence.

The Upstate New York Coalition to Ground the Drones has repeatedly tried to deliver an indictment for war crimes to the Commander of Hancock Field Air National Guard Base. In response to trying to fulfill this obligation under International Humanitarian Law and the principles of Nuremberg, members of the group have been arrested six times and sentenced to fines and jail time. If the government believes drone attacks are legal, they would welcome the chance to address the accusations in a court of law. Instead the government denies these citizens their First Amendment Rights.


Veterans & CCP Spiritually-Grounded Training

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San Diego veterans in CCP training.A military wife and a peace activist--I was both at the same time!  My husband’s security clearance was threatened, yet he remained supportive. With other friends in the nuclear submarine service, we spent hours discussing the Vietnam War.  They wanted peace, like we did. My husband considered, but decided against, seeking sanctuary as a conscientious objector at the Episcopal convention; he was due to be discharged soon.  When he got out, he went to high schools, joined veterans’ and other peace groups, and marched. Together, we spoke to congregations; our largest and most attentive crowd was at the Navy submariners’ church. Over and over again, I discovered that military personnel were not necessarily pro-war and that they pondered the moral issues.  And I observed that the public held veterans as among the most credible voices in the peace movement.  These experiences convinced me to join Veterans for Peace (VFP) as an associate.

Circle of Truths: Role-Taking and Active Listening

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Circle of TruthsThe CCP circle of truths exercise is a transforming experience that engenders surprising respect and understanding toward opponents. It also is an effective tool for planning nonviolent actions. We know that a growing child eventually develops the cognitive and emotional maturity to conceptually "put herself in someone else's shoes." It is this ability to role-take that is practiced and refined in the circle of truths exercise.

Role-taking is a skill that oppressed people master in order to deal effectively and nonviolently with their oppressors. This same skill can help us develop humane responses in situations where there are inequalities of power--through knowing the heart and mind of others, a concern for how we will appear to them, and a motivation for cooperation.


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